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Strength in unity ئىتتىپاقلىقتىكى كۈچ

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Uygur Incorporated - Uyghur national Internet company engaged in the development, release and promotion of social and entertainment online projects about Uyghur culture, society, people, trends.


Implementation of large-scale Internet projects of various industries and categories that will become a connecting link to achieve the common goal of the company - a single Internet space for a user who is interested in all types of activities of the Uyghur people.


Our mission is to consolidate the entire Uyghur society and promote the nation as a whole, through modern tools, the strategy and technology of which the company develops with its own resources.

Our projects

The strategy of our company is aimed at achieving the goal through the development and promotion of Internet projects that will help not only stay the history of the Uyghur people in the Internet space, but also develop a modern culture.
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